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Creative Feature Friday: Megan Malasarte

This week feature's my fellow corporate baddie Megan Malasarte. We dove into Megan's background as a professional runner and what led her turn to the corporate realm.

1. Introduce yourself (where you're from, what you do/ passionate about)

Hey hey! My name is Megan Malasarte, born at Emory (Emory babies, where y'all at?!) but raised in Fayetteville, GA. I'm currently an administrative assistant at BCG, formerly a professional track and field athlete that specialized in the 800m. The fitness space is what I'm most passionate about and on a constant journey of self-discovery to make my back into that world.

2. What got you into running track and can you share why you transitioned to a corporate baddie?

I started running track when I was in 8th grade but spent a majority of my childhood as a dancer. One day, a friend convinced me to give team sports a go and that's when my love for running began. My long-term relationship with running ended last summer when I decided to retire from my professional track career. It just wasn't fun for me anymore -- I felt emotionally drained for years trying to outperform my college self. I reached a point where my times weren't improving and I couldn't get over the mental barrier that came with that. The corporate baddie life was calling my name so I answered but truly, I needed to make a living for myself at that point and landed at BCG in October 2021!

3. What does mental health mean to you?

Mental health is SO very important to me. I don't think that was clear before but I wish I had a better grasp of it while I was still running. My mentality is what seemed to hold me back from fully evolving in my sport. I should've seen a sports psychologist when I had the chance. It's never too late to prioritize your mental health and that's what I'm trying to do for myself now.

4. How do you think physical and mental health are connected?

I absolutely believe physical and mental health are connected because my mind was telling me that I was as good as my performances in track which didn't truly reflect the athlete I was. I believed what I thought though and I think that's when running stopped being fun for me. I defined myself by my worst performances.

5. What are ways you practice self care and protect your peace of mind?

Self care is EVERYTHING. I like to create a space around me that instills peace - that means, there are lighted candles everywhere, I play my favorite music, and I like to clean my home. It calms me down. I started seeing a mental health coach and she's helped me protect my peace of mind through thought exercises.

6. Where can people connect with you?

I admit I am most active on Instagram so if you want to connect, feel free to follow me @megmala14! Happy to become virtual friends by way of Vicky's blog :) Thank you for this space to share my story with you all!


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