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Happy Mother's Day

Sending love to those that may have lost their mothers or child, and those that are estranged

These are reminders to myself and my mother

Mother's Day Poetry from Thoughts of a Mustard Seed

Watered Down


I'm a diluted version of my mother,

As she is to her mother,

as she is to her mother,

as she is to her mother,

As daughters are to their mothers.


(pg. 19)

I mourn my mother yet praise her mistakes,

Each decision bore a beautiful baby girl into this world.

I am her keepsake,

Her bittersweet remembrance,

Her joy that grew from pain.

I am the tissue that wiped her tears

Her storyteller solidifying her throughout the years

I am her breaker of cycles

of traditions,

and biases loudly whispered.

I'm the daughter you wanted and the change you never imagined.

Mother's Stain


There's a lot I owe you

A lot I blame on you

A lot of tendencies we share during

Arguments that bear us so much pain

Every stare in the mirror

Makes me constantly aware

That we share the same mirror

It took me awhile to appreciate,

That mothers aren't perfect,

And lectures are previews of the hell you hide

Yet spite towards daughters with exasperates sighs

Be better than me.

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