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Creative Friday Feature: Morgan Brittani

This week's feature is the radiant Morgan Brittani. I've met Morgan at a few events and learned of the amazing community work her organization JoyDay curated. I always felt seen and rejuvenated attending a JOYDAY event and wanted Morgan to share her story.

1. Introduce yourself and what you do?

Hiiii! I am Morgan middle name Brittani and I love helping people since I could remember. I like to call myself the Fresh Princess of Alpharetta (lol because I was born and partially raised in Philly then moved to Alpharetta).

I have always wanted to help people. In middle school, I had a blog called “You Can Reach Your Rainbow” to help my peers who were struggling to find their joy. I think JOYDAY is my life mission and has been way before it had a name.

I love creating spaces for people to feel joy. I think that is my ultimate passion, but I do it through art. Always have and always will. Anywho, that’s a little bit about me lol.

2. How has therapy helped you along your healing journey?

Therapy has helped me better understand my why’s. Through understanding my why’s I am able to better show up for myself and those around me.

3. What does mental health mean to you?

Mental health means checking up on your mind the same way you’d check up on your body when you are feeling physically under the weather.

4. What is JOYDAY and how did you create this organization?

Since 2016, we have dedicated our movement both on and offline to educating our JOYDAY community about mental health by providing action-oriented resources and community-based experiences in partnership with mental health professionals.

Through our internal research and community surveys, we are able to create impactful and therapeutic experiences that are necessary, relevant, and timely to those who need it.

JOYDAY started as a twitter chat to start the needed conversation about how people are feeling.

5. How do you pour back into yourself as a community healing organizer?

I do something I like to call “hump day healing” — where I go see my therapist and unpack not only what’s going on in the present day but healing the past.

6. What are some of your upcoming goals or things we should look out for?

JOYDAY is working towards having monthly events in 2023 to provide new views of what mental health care can look like as well as launching a new digital space. Super excited to share more in the upcoming weeks.

7. Where can people follow and contact you?

People can follow us @joydaymovement on all social media platforms as well as subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know. You can also follow me @morganbrittani.


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