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Happy International Women's Day!

As I transition from Black History Month to Women’s History Month, I'm reminded of the odds stacked against me as well as a paths to overcome. My blackness and femininity can be seen by anyone that lays their eyes upon me. However, there is so much beauty within each aspect of myself. As I grasp the concepts of racism and sexism, I learn more about my history and my desires to please my ancestors.

Audre Lorde thoughtfully wrote “It is easier to deal with the external manifestations of racism and sexism then it is to deal with the result of those distortions internalized within our consciousness of ourselves and one another.”

This is a quote from Sister Outsider, the chapter Eye, to Eye: Black Women, Hatred, and Anger. It is crucial we explore the results of those internalize distortions that Audre writes about when building community and fostering healing. Sisterhood has saved me countless times. Yet the heartbreak from a woman has also pained me numerous times.

The mirror we shine on one another reflects our experiences before friendships are formed. The trauma that has grown with us doesn’t magically disappear. Even the perception we have for ourselves can be seen in how we treat those we care about. While community can be a safe space sometimes the biggest betrayals can come from within.

True healing can be created in these spaces when vulnerability is encouraged and respected.

There’s so much that can be accomplished together but only if healing occurs within.

Here are a few reflections for this month:

What does a safe space look like for you?

What does womanhood mean to you? (If applicable)

What are patterns have you noticed within your friendships?

How can you stand in your truth, while also being held accountable?


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