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Sexual Health Awareness Month

Before reading please note this may be triggering to some readers.

Sexual Health Awareness Month began being celebrated by the World Association for Sexual Health. Read more here

While there is so much to unpack with sexual health, I want to highlight how sensuality and self love are intertwined.

I debated poem sharing this poem, sometimes I write for my eyes only. After meditating on it, I'm reminded that sharing my truth and healing journey is where my strength and courage thrive.

I've struggled with my sexuality and sensuality for many years. The process of unpacking sexual trauma is extremally difficult and takes immense gentleness and compassion towards myself. I wrote this poem after being triggered and needing to vent my sorrow.

There are moments where shame

Waltzes in and shields the sun

It scatters shadows across my face,

And my mind rewinds to times

When I’ve shrunken myself

Allowing my spirit to fly

from my body

Attempting to deny any transgressions placed upon it

While trauma has a way of contorting the truth

The soul work weighs heavier on days when I feel less than myself

I remind myself, that mistakes are like scars of stories that will lead to brighter tales.

And those that harmed me will never gain victory over my future,

If I refuse to give them power over it.

In the past few years, I've learned how I make myself feel sexy and comfortable. I had to dig deep on finding what pleasures me and staying present in the moment.

I fought negative self talk and began advocating for my wants and needs.

When I began honoring my voice and desires, my experiences began to change. Along with meeting my husband that continuously makes me feel safe and loved. I started devoting time to loving on my body and treating it with care.

Here are a few things I started within the last two years

  1. Slowing down and tuning into my senses, particularly during my bath routine. I'll use aromatherapy products and slowly apply lotion this instills the act of treating my body with care.

  2. I began taking more supplements, that support and maintain vaginal health. It's all connect after all ;)

  3. While I was single I began buying lingerie to get explore my erotica in my own solitude. Now I feel a lot more confident.

  4. I practice saying NO, this was crucial and I'm continuously learning to let go of people pleasing.


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