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Reflections for Gratitude and Forgiveness

Recently I released my podcast episode on how "Comparison Steals Your Joy" and the feedback I received left me speechless.

Sometimes I debate on sharing my story and being vulnerable. In those moments fear tries to take my voice and self doubt creeps in but this is my passion. Thank you for reading and listening to my podcast Swim In Your Feelings, check out the episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify or here. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences :)

I've highlighted a few reflections and key points from the last podcast episode. As 2022 wraps up, many of us are reflecting on our accomplishments and future goal setting. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this time, it's okay to grieve losses and take time alone. These are some reminders I tell myself when comparing myself to others.

Personal Reminders

  • You may not be where someone else is, but that might not be where you’re supposed to go.

  • I’m multifaceted and I'm pouring into different buckets than someone else.

  • My journey is my own, trust in God's divine timing.

  • It may not be your “right now” but that doesn’t mean it will never be.

When comparing yourself, take a beat and remind yourself the following.

  1. What does success look like for you?

  2. How can you shift your perspective regularly for when self-doubt occurs?

  3. Lean into your support system to vent about any self-doubt, encouragement goes a long way.

  4. What do you have to be grateful for currently?

Lastly, here's an excerpt from my book Thoughts of a Mustard Seed feel free to download it as a inspiration Phone Wallpaper or share with a loved one. Happy Holidays and until next time!

Poem: Shedding by Victoria P. Allen-Graham


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