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Creator Feature Friday

This week's feature is the Boss Babe that assisted in creating this my newsletter design is Chelsea Samuel!

My name is Chelsea Samuel, also known as Sammy Approved, and I am a creative storyteller . I enjoy creating entertaining and thought provoking stories around Black and Brown people. I am passionate about healthy living, loving and laughing. I recently began performing stand up locally and started my own improv group which meets monthly in LA. I also have a love for sustainable fashion. I am currently building a brand (Approved Apparel) which is focused on this mission, selling up-cycled vintage and gently worn pieces.

Sammy Approved initially started as a platform to put my “stamp” on things I adored in pop culture and it has since expanded from a blog to my personal moniker.

My goal is to release my first short film with director Kristen White under OTW Flix. I hope to fund our next project and begin producing it to submit to various film festivals. Another goal of mine is to finish writing two pilots and a feature film. I want to gain more hands on experience in the tv industry by joining a major network’s writers room and connecting with likeminded individuals in the business. I look forward to performing and perfecting my skills as a comedian and improv leader. And prayerfully, booking more roles! I also hope to continue creating pieces for Approved Apparel.

@sammyapproved (ig, twitter, fb) @shop.approved (ig)


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