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Creator Feature Friday: Keyonna Singletary

Hey Loves!

In celebration of Black History Month, I'm thrilled to kick off this series, Creative Feature Fridays. My goal is to highlight readers that also are doing dope things. I hope you check them out and support them too. We're kicking it off with the lovely Keyonna Singletary


My name is Keyonna Singletary and I’m a multifaceted artist from Atlanta, Georgia. My talents include modeling, producing, writing, acting, and public speaking. My passions are leadership, healing, and serving others. I use my life experiences to teach others how to be their true authentic self and share my story to inspire, teach, and coach.

My brand is based off of authenticity, spirituality, creativity, and self-mastery. I like to view myself as my own business. I value originality and individuality. Self-expression and vulnerability has always been my intention by using different mediums including photography, film, writing, hosting talks & conversations, all while sharing my story with my audience. My business/brand thrives off of community and including my audience throughout my journey to self.

You can look out for more brand collaborations and partnerships, digital products, consistent teachings via YouTube & IG live, and lastly more of me :) IG/Twitter/Tiktok: @yonniefiles


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