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Cyberpunk: Understand Humanity

What if your battle for survival only taught you to dominate?

How do you decipher when to give and take?

How long do you allow your self to be caged in

Before breaking the chains you bind yourself with?

Sometimes loving you is more painful

Than piecing together broken parts of myself.

City girls love light that illuminates all their dark phases.

I hope my glare burns respect into your soul,

and you never forget what it's like to behold

a force like me.

How do you balance tradition through the transitions of time?

We’re all mastering the balance of strength and softness that can dwell in the one body.

Credits List:


Photographer/ Executive Producer: John Dierre @johndierre Creative Director/Producer: Victoria P. Allen @victoria.p.allen Set Designer: Sciler Williams @scilerbrianna Set Design Assist/ Graphic Editor: Taylor Augusta @tayloraugusta Wardrobe Stylists: Cheryn Moore @lilpassatchey, Toso Christine @wrinklesatl, Taylor Johnson @_babyfce MUA: Tatiana Karzana @tatianakazana Camera Assist/ BTS Photographer: Amos Hudson @kurokenobi Lighting & Videography Assist: Kenny Cochran


Sefora Adjaho @seforathemodel Ashley Mccray @itsashleymccray Grace Leann @iamgraceleann Armani @itsgroovy_ Keenon Rush @keenonrush Max @scott_stoner


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