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Learning to Accept Love

Since I was a child I often struggled with feeling unworthy, especially when receiving unconditional love. I won't bore you with any traumatic details that led me to feeling that way, but one of my favorite poets Audre Lorde inspired part of my mental shift.

"Pain is important: how we evade it, how we succumb to it, how we deal with it,

how we transcend it"

-Audre Lorde

The first step to my healing journey was acknowledging my pains and traumas. After various romantic relationships that left me feeling lonely and unwanted, I knew I had to turn inward to receive true love.

Peeling back each layer of pain is excruciating at times. While therapy is enlightening I often find myself triggered and desperately in need of self care afterwards. Doing the soul work isn't easy but it opens the door for us to accept blessings and other opportunities.

I met my husband at a crucial turning point in my life. A moment when I began to actively love on myself and began challenging those negative thoughts of unworthiness. I quickly learned that to ever trust and accept his affection and dedication, I had to believe I was someone worth loving. Our past doesn't hold power over us if we reclaim our truth while also offering ourselves forgiveness and grace.

I won't say everyday is easy when doing the soul work, but each day has the possibility of being better than the last. If you need a bit of a push, check out these books below that helped me on my journey of accepting love.

Recommended Reading List:

  • You Are Your Best Thing (edited by Tarana Burke & Brene Brown)

  • After the Rain (by Alex Elle)

  • All About Love (by Bell Hooks)

Newlywed Photos taken by: Dierra Font


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