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The Moments Before Marriage

I've been ghost the past few weeks, after my birthday (July 8th, Cancer GANG) I got COVID while in Vegas for the first time.

The beautiful part about life is how wonderful things can happen even when it feels the hardest. I got engaged to the love of my life but was hardly able to see him since I kept testing positive for COVID.

In those few days that felt like an eternity I had my patience tested like never before, especially since at the time I lived alone.

"Solitude can be marvelous until those dark nights creep in.
Alone with my sins and shortcomings without whispers to break the deadly silence"
- Thoughts of a Mustard Seed pg.79

Thankfully I have an amazing bestfriend and now sister in law that checked on me regularly and my fiancé listened to all of my worries. During those days we thought through what our special day should entail. After a few hiccups with planning we decided to have an intimate backyard ceremony with immediate family. While it was a bit untraditional, it was perfect and the support for us was everything.

Now I'm a little over a week into the new chapter of my life, and it's been the most peaceful and fulfilling time I've ever experienced. It took me awhile to get myself right to be a wife, a lot of healing and unlearning unhealthy patterns. Here a few things I did to prepare for my soulmate.

  1. I wrote down a list of characteristics I desired in a partner prior to getting on a dating app.

  2. I wrote down a list of promises to myself for my next relationship

  3. I started therapy regularly and was open to the soul work

  4. I lived alone for a few months and was content in providing for myself

  5. I had to believe I was worthy of love and pray continuously

We all deserve a pure love and I'd love to hear your love story too!

- Mrs. Graham aka Victoria P. A Graham


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